We at the Hamner Theater are so proud to announce that we have reached our goal, for the third year running, and made our match. Thanks to all of you who helped!


Richard Averitt
Berg Associates and Larry Alan Smith
Bruce and Jean Bertelsen
Connie Brennan and John Hesselbart
Maggie Buchanan and Andrew Stowe
Jerry and Sue Chambers
Margaret Clair
Jonas and Kess Collins
Rosemary Connelly
Kathy Cornelius
Mary Coy
Sally Coy
Timothy Coy
Linda Crowe
Virginia Daugherty
Virginia Davis
Marilyn and Scott Duncan
Kay Leigh Ferguson
Ed and Ginger Fries
Elizabeth Fuller
Esther Gardner
Robert Green
Betsy Greenleaf
Jane and Earl Hamner
Cathy Harding
Jackie Harris
Mariflo Stephens Heblich
Alan Hickerson
John Holdren and Tricia Emlet
Tom and Bonnie Holliday
Bill and Marlene Howard
Ulrike Joiner
Ron Klain
John Lawson
Dena and Philip Lawton
Peppy G. Linden
Bree Luck
Anthony McCall and Madelyn Wessel
Kate and Charlie McIntire
Clair Meyers and Dorcas Lohr
Brenda Neal
Barbara and Clark Norton
Amy Parrish
Scott Pearce and Rebecca Lindsay
Carol Pedersen
Katie Phillips
Sandra and Jack Pleasants
Caroline Preston
Michele Regine
The Riglers
Dorothy Rice
Rockfish Stables – Mary and Elesteen Hager
Hugh Scrogham
Keith Sherman
David A. Snyder and Barbara Matysek
Gib and Llyn Stevenson
Terry Sumey
Betty Tabony
R. Diana Terrell
Linda Thornburg
Llyn Walker
Barbara Ward
Henri and Elaine Weems
Dale Weigel
Janet Wellman
Melissa Wender
Ryan Wender
Jeff and Linda Wilk
Wintergreen Winery – Tamara and Jeff Stone
Bill and Karen Wortman

…all who attended
Daughters of the Appalachians…

…and all who came to the benefit for The Hamner Theater to hear Earl Hamner…