Dance Club Evening with the Dinah Pehrson Band

11/19/2010 – 8:30pm

Hamner Dance Night with the Dinah Pehrson Band.

Friday, November 19 at 8:30 p.m.

The first ever Hamner Dance Club Evening, featuring the Dinah Pehrson Band with Special Guests including Doug Schneider and Noah Waggener.

The Dinah Pehrson Band is Dinah Pehrson (vocals), Vincent Day (guitar, vocals), Dan Sebring (guitar, vocals), Terry Waggener (bass) and Andrew Carter (drums).

Dinah Pehrson, familiar to Hamner Theater audiences as an actress, is originally from New York. She has lived in the Charlottesville area since 1995 and sang regionally with the Dinah Pehrson Band from 2000-06. An alto, most of her repertoire is blues, but her musical tastes and interests are eclectic and far-ranging.

Terry Waggener has been playing bass since he was in High School in the 60’s. He played in many Rappahannock County Bands including The Timberline Flyers, The OK’s, The Big Bristols and has been playing with Vincent Day since 1973.

Vincent Day’s (acoustic & electric guitar/vocals) musical experience began at the age of eleven when he learned “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?” on the ukelele. He quickly switched to guitar and solo material from the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Donavon when he became interested in girls. His first band, “The Surfers” was formed during 7th grade covering two songs: “Louie Louie” and “I Fought The Law”. Vincent has played in the following Virginia rock bands: “Tonight’s Menu”, “The Chorus of Idiots”, “The Big (and I mean Big) Bristols”, “The Crazy Eights”, “Venus Jones Band”, “Red Sky”, and “Hard Rain”. Vincent takes credit for the name ‘Dinah Pehrson’ when he helped form the band in 2000.

Dan Sebring (electric guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle, violin, keyboards, drums, harmonica & vocals) joined the Dinah Band in 2002 and has been a part of the family ever since. He has played around Charlottesville for many years performing with some local notable bands like “Johnny Sportscoat and the Casuals”, “The Stoned Wheat Things” and “The Hog Waller Ramblers” to name a few. He also plays contra dances with “The Avante Gardeners”. His musical taste are wide and varied: playing bluegrass, old time, classical, jazz, blues, rock, country, etc.

Andrew Carter (drums) lives in Charlottesville with his wife and three children and consequently has not had much time to become ensconced in the local musical scene. However, before moving back to the Charlottesville area, he was ensconced in the Atlanta alternate rock scene as a drummer for “Love Tractor”.

Multi-talented Doug Schneider has graced the Hamner stage as both actor & crooner on numerous occasions, (including with Dinah Pehrson in Love Letters), performing to sell-out crowds when headlining the Hamner Cabaret.

Noah Waggener has been a part of the Northern Virginia music scene since the 1980’s fronting groups such as Rude Rock Family, DCS and Stick m Up. He joins his Dad and long time friends to keep the feet moving at the Hamner!

Make sure to wear your dancing shoes and plan for a fun, shakin’ evening of blues and R&B with some Dylan, country, jazz, rock’n’roll, and who-knows-what-else mixed in.

Admission $10.
Doors will open at 8:00 and the music will start at 8:30 p.m.

A la carte bistro food will be available at the bar (Cheese and Fruit Plate, Hamner Sub, Boneless Chicken Dinner)

Call to reserve a table or just come and dance. 434-361-1999