Category: General Community Conversation - Saturday, August 20 from 2pm - 4pm

Community Conversation - Saturday, August 20 from 2pm - 4pm

August 20, 2022

You are invited to the first Hamner Theater Saturday Community Conversation that we have had in a while. And this one will be in person, from 2pm-4pm on Sat., August 20 at the Water Appreciation Experience, an art installation by Martha Stafford at 1326 East High St. in Charlottesville. We have an audience limit of 25 so if you are interested in coming, please RSVP to: Martha Stafford <>
(NB: We ask that all attendees be masked in the space.)
Now, what is it you may ask!?!?
The Hamner Theater has been working on an extension of The Newtown Project that we are calling the Water Project. What we are presenting on Saturday is a monologue by Abena Foreman-Trice about rising sea levels and disappearing bridges, among other things, accompanied by a video she made. The conversation afterwards will be facilitated by Peter DeBeare, a Darden professor and water expert who Abena encountered in her Darden days and whose work around water markets has stayed with her. I think we can all agree that water is a timely subject - please join us for the conversation!
What: Community Conversation, The Water Project #1, Abena Foreman-Trice
When: Sat., Aug. 20 from 2pm - 4pm
Where: 1326 East High St., Charlottesville, VA
How: RSVP to Martha Stafford: Martha Stafford <>
There is no charge for this event but The Water Appreciation Experience and The Hamner Theater are both non-profit 501(c)3 entities - please consider a tax-deductible donation to either or both, to help us continue our work.

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