Auditions for Richard III

07/14/2008 – 7:00pm

Nelson County Shakespeare Festival production of Shakespeare’s RICHARD III.

Using Elizabethan rehearsal practices like memorizing all your lines by the first rehearsal, actor-manager (another Elizabethan practice) Mary Coy is organizing a production of RICHARD III.

Performances will be held at the Hamner Theater and in the Rockfish Valley Community Center “Great Hall” October 1-12.

Auditions will be held at the Hamner Monday and Tuesday, July 14 and 15 at 7pm.

Actors should memorize 8-10 lines of Shakespeare from RICHARD III or any other play just to prove you can do it!

There are parts for men and women of all ages and children 8-16 years.

Once the play is cast there will be an organizational meeting in late July and then the actors will spend the rest of the summer learning their lines either on their own or in small groups. Just like they did in Elizabethan times!

The company will re-convene on September 7 to stage the play.

Phone 434 361 1999 for information.

Click the link to download the cast list for RIII

Click the link to download the script for RIII

“Being involved in theater is a lot of fun and Shakespeare is a great way to continue and/or begin that involvement,” says Coy. … actors aren’t the only people needed to ensure a great production. “We need prompters at each rehearsal, house managers, props and costume coordinators- all people important in Elizabethan theater as well theater today.”

We also need musicians (Can you play the trumpet?),

a costume coordinator (modern high fashion dress!),

a fight choreographer (a couple of bloody moments!),

prompters (help folks with their lines),

prop builders (can you make a coffin?), and more!

For more information contact Mary Coy 263-8802