Earl Hamner’s classic holiday tale of Christmas in Central Virginia.

December 27 and 28, 2013
Friday and Saturday
Wayne Theater’s Gateway Space
329 West Main Street, Waynesboro

Tuesday December 31, 2013
Tuesday (New Year’s Eve), 6:15 and 7:30pm
First Night Virginia
The Haven, Firsts & Market, Charlottesville

Peter Coy’s original adaptation of Earl Hamner’s novella, now abridged.

About The Homecoming

In 1971, CBS aired a TV pilot called The Homecoming: a Christmas Story. This show became The Waltons, the TV series that made Earl Hamner Jr. the most “powerful man in television” from 1972 to 1978. The Hamner Theater’s Homecoming is an original adaptation of Hamner’s novella, which playwright Peter Coy tailors to fit the cast as needed.

The Homecoming is the heart-warming story of a family waiting for the magic of Christmas Eve to arrive, told from the perspective of the adult Clay-Boy. We join Clay-Boy as he searches for his father and encounters some colorful characters that expand his growing understanding of the world.

Says writer Earl Hamner of The Homecoming, “It is remembered in my family that on Christmas Eve of 1933 my father was late arriving home. That, along with the love he and my mother bestowed upon their eight red-headed offspring, is fact. The rest is fiction.”

Pictures from Previous Years’ Productions of The Homecoming