Hamner Theater Family Performance Series – Tickle!

05/04/2008 – 4:00pm
05/04/2008 – 4:35pm

Coming Sunday, May 4 – a very special family event. Tickle, written by David Wood, and performed for your pleasure by the graduating class of UVA’s Drama majors, is the story of an adventurous tickle looking for a new home after being sneezed out of a nose bothered by too much pepper!

The tickle goes from place to place trying her best to make friends, only to find that all she can do is make them laugh. The only ones who see her are two malicious germs, and they’re up to no good…

Watch Tickle escape the germs, find a new home, and save the day!

There will be one performance at 4:00pm of this family-friendly story. Bring your children (or your inner child) and don’t miss this opportunity to share the experience of live theater with a young audience.