What is URT?
URT began at the University of Virginia as a shadow producing organization for shows that had no real producers, and, interestingly, is now in its third year of production. “URT” doesn’t stand for anything; rather, the company’s name comes from a mispronunciation of the word “art” overheard on an infomercial. Past productions include Three by Samuel Beckett, Pinter’s Family Voices, and Churchill’s A Number. URT was and is: Kate Burke, Scottie Caldwell, Molly Coyle, Julia Debo, Howell Draper, Matt Fletcher, Larry Goldstein, Jonathan Green, Russ Hicks, Alice Jackson, Leticia Kuyumciyan, Brin Lukens, Matt Marcus, Walt McGough, Mindy Miller, Jan Murphy-Mason, Judith Pulman, Caroline Ryon, Kim Steimel, Greg Steinbrecher, Richard Warner, and Nate Whelden.