Virginia Playwrights Initiative

We are looking for promising but unfinished scripts by playwrights who are eager to revise and finish their scripts with the helpful input of directors and actors.

Deadline for submission is April 1, 2008.

Here is the schedule:

Friday, April 25: Playwrights read their scripts to several directors and dramaturgs, who provide critiques afterwards.

Saturday, April 26: Playwrights work on the scripts at home.

Sunday, April 27: Actors are brought in to do a cold reading of the revised scripts, hot out of the printer. More critiques.

Sunday, April 4: After a week of playwright work, this is a full day of workshops, scene readings, casting, and critiquing.

The following week, the playwrights work on the scripts.

Friday & Saturday, May 9 and 10: Rehearsals
Sunday, May 11: Staged Readings (Open to the Public)