10/18/2008 – 6:30pm

Music 7:30 pm, Doors/Bar/Food 6:30 pm.
Tickets are $20 (or 2 for $35), includes food (by reservation only)
Please call 434-361-1999 for reservations.

Saturday, October 18

Returning to the Cabaret Sat, Oct 18th – Tom & Emily
(Tom Proutt & Emily Gary)

Innovative and thought-provoking original acoustic folk

Tom & Emily Pancake Mamma2007
Tom and Emily are a beauty and beast duo that makes delightful music. Tom Proutt — principle songwriter, guitarist, and rough voiced harmony singer-brings to the table a great sense of melody manifested in unusual harmonies and solid playing on a dizzying variety of six strings. Tom also brings his twisted vision: defending white bread against the accusation that anything could be better, offering a whole new meaning for the term “trophy wife.”

Emily plays bass and sings in pure tones that make Tom’s perfect complement. The highlight is “Icons of Faith,” the most serious tune on a record brimming with humor. Starting from one of those impromptu highway shrines to an accident victim, Proutt makes a spiritual quest to religious shrines all over the world, then returns to the personal loss the speaker has suffered. It’s a song as moving as it is beautiful. I’ve never heard anything else like it. (David Kleiner)