Free Improv at Crozet Arts

(via Zoom during Covid…)

for Adults

Led by Boomie Pedersen.

Sundays:  6:30 – 8:30 pm

*Please call Boomie at 434-960-5936 to make sure Improv is meeting.*

Looking for a way to keep the weekday blahs in check?  Come to HIT’s free  Improv workshop and chase those blahs away!  HIT = Hamner Improv Troupe and we get together to play and release the stress of self-censorship.  The three rules of Improv are 1. always say yes, 2. say the first thing that comes into your head and, 3. always make your partner look good!  There are no wrong answers here – just bring your imagination and a willingness to be as silly or as serious as the moment requires!

Questions? 434-960-5936.

 Sessions are free and open to the public – have a willingness to play and be open to the possibility of not being in charge!

All are welcome, whether or not you have prior experience.