This just in…

21 September 2010


Hope this finds you knee high in colorful autumn leaves, that the pesky weather that visited most of the country this summer is just a memory, and that you are reasonably well and to be back at work or school or whatever makes you happy.

I hope you’ll forgive me if the following sounds a little self-congratulatory, but to tell the truth, I swell with pride when the Hamner Theater is mentioned. The Theater is located in Nelson County, Virginia, not far from where I was born and to my astonishment was named after me. Since its formation in 2005 it has been home to a wide range of drama, comedy, dance and music. We’re in Walton country here and while the region has improved economically and culturally since back when John-Boy sat at the window and yearned to be a writer, it’s quite a challenge to supply quality theater this far off Broadway in these difficult times.

If in some case you’ve got a lot of cash stuffed away in an old sock under the mattress, there is a better way to invest it. Please see my new BLOG!