Friday, August 3 at 7:30pm

The Earl Hamner Playwrights Conference


Joel Jones

Directed by Robert Graham Small
Dramaturg: Carol Pedersen
Production Stage Manager: Guinn Baker
Technical Director: J. Taylor
Music, Production Assistant: Sara Bullard

Bronto – Robert Blumenstein
Pico – Steven Williams
Bibi – Emma Givens
Pieta – Daria Okugawa
Vazul, Ludbor, John of Swabia, Adalbert of Prague, Reeve – Mark Edmundsen
Bard, Hayward, Androslav, Vend, Bogdal – Ryan Wender
Guiart, Lushmir, John of Macedonia, Canon, Saxon, Hond – Bill Williamson
Slave 1, Mother, Diditska, Woman 2, Slave 3, Piroska, Echo – Susan Burke
Slave 2, Witha, Midwife, Molska, Woman 3, Slave 4 – Rose Harper
Princess, Minge, Baba Yaga, Woman 1, Bystander – Mollie Remilard

Joel Jones is from the Charlottesville area and began writing plays with Offstage Theater in 1992. His play Floating Girl was work-shopped at the First Earl Hamner Playwrights Conference in 2006. He presently lives in New York City.

The EARL HAMNER PLAYWRIGHTS CONFERENCE, now in its second year, is a three-week residential workshop for eight to ten playwrights. It is a venue for them to work on and experiment with new scripts in a company of experienced actors, directors, dramaturges & technicians, giving the playwrights time and space to work on their own visions. During the residency, the playwrights continually rewrite and experiment with their scripts. Staged Readings of each play are offered to the public on the final days of the conference; the Staged Readings are followed by a question and observation session.

The Earl Hamner Playwrights Conference is supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
The Hamner Theater is a non-profit project of the Rockfish Valley Community Center.