10/25/2008 – 7:30pm

Onstage Friday, October 24 & Saturday, October 25

All tickets $10

Oh Crap I Forgot To Have Kids

Written and performed by Karen Gray

In Oh Crap I Forgot To Have Kids, Gray and some off-the-wall characters from childhood and adulthood, from reality and fantasy, pose questions and poke at assumptions about how motherhood figures into what it means to be a woman, and an adult. It is an unruly but tender look at this most personal topic as it relates to growing up, growing old, and the connections that define us. The show contains adult themes, some brief language and is intended for an adult audience.

Directed by Clair Myers
Stage Manager: Zane Sebasovich
Sound effects & production by Alan Baumgardner
Voices: Toni Silveri, Kathleen Golde, Brian Cohen
Costume support: Gwen Alsedek