04/05/2009 – 1:00pm
04/05/2009 – 1:45pm

Porker Brothers III

Written by Boomie Pedersen
Music by Tanya Kae
Directed and choreographed by Boomie Pedersen.

Featuring Michael Dowell, Rose Harper, Mike Hill, Melissa Wender and Ryan Wender

Two shows, at 2 & 4pm

An ecologically relevant adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, Porker Brothers III, originally commissioned for Earth Day, is a retelling of the familiar 3 Little Pigs story from an environmental perspective, complete with song and dance.

Join Loup (the French wolf) and Pico, Paco and Poco Porker as they learn to work together to combat Mr. E. Hazard. “Think clean, think green, think about ecology…Green,green, go, go green!”

Suitable for all ages, admission by donation.

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