New Sponsorship Opportunities!

*All sponsorships will have the name of the Sponsor attached to the particular event unless otherwise requested.

*All sponsorships help continue the mission of the Hamner Theater to celebrate life and shared human experience through the performing arts and are an investment in the quality of community in the counties of central VA.

“…a month at the Hamner Theater brought to you by…” $10,000
(covers all costs of keeping the Hamner open for a month)

“…this production brought to you by…” $5000
(covers the production costs of a season play)

Season Brochure $2500

Hamner Nightclub Series $1500/1 or $15,000/year

Fund Raising Event $2500

Opening Night Champagne Receptions** $250/1 or $1500/season
**Sponsored for the 2011 – 2012 Season by the Wolf Family Foundation.

VPSI (Virginia Playwrights and Screenwriters Initiative) $1500/1 or $7500/year
(covers copier rental, food for acting company, stipends)

Programs for Season productions $500/1 or $3000/season

Posters and Flyers for the Season $2500

Actors’ Stipends $1500/1 or $9000/season

Pay-what-you-can performances $600/1 or $7200/season
(based on 2 pay-what-you-will shows/production)

Subsidizing Seniors’ tickets $1500

Improv Sessions $2500
(free for the community every Monday evening)

Theater classes in acting, playwriting, directing $800/class
(covers teacher’s stipend for one 8 week class)

As we are a not-for-profit 501c(3) tax exempt organization, your Sponsorship is tax-deductible.

Please understand that we are not a commercial venture, and that our purpose is to serve our community. We believe that theater provides a center for connection that is especially important in this age of online communication. It is a major priority for us to keep our ticket prices low, so as not to exclude any community members. This means that, like most theaters, we cannot rely on ticket sales alone to fund our productions.

To date, we have had much success in attracting grant funding for the Theater, however, our major benefactor has recently discontinued funding for the arts. This means that we rely more than ever on our community base for support.

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All donations are tax-deductible.

We value and appreciate any support that you are able to provide.

Thank you!