September 13 – 24, 2006

Written by Earl Hamner, Jr.

Adapted by Peter Coy

Directed by Peter Coy & Boomie Pedersen

Featuring Aaron Burgess, Christina Courtenay, Linda Crowe, Sam Gorman, Susan Gorman, Rose Harper, Fiona Claire Harper,Rebecca Hudnall, Barb Lynch, Richard Steeves, Carrie Stuart, Derby Thomas, Ryan Wender, Georgina Zajonc

Two pieces by Earl Hamner, Jr., originally written for the TV series, adapted for the stage by Earl Hamner, Jr. and Peter Coy. Most fans of the long-running TV series, THE WALTON’S, don’t realize that creator Earl Hamner also wrote teleplays for the TWILIGHT ZONE. Nelson County’s Hamner Theater brings Hamner’s own twist to bewitchin’ and enchantment to the stage with adaptations of “Jess-Belle,” the tale of a young woman who makes a deal with the Devil for love, and “The Bewitchin’ Pool,” where troubled youngsters escape to and find a happier unreality.

Photos from The Bewitchin’ Pool
Photos from Jess-Belle

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Christina Courtenay as Granny Hart in Jess-Belle

Don’t miss the chance to join in the eerie fun.

What: Two from the Twilight Zone
Where: Hamner Theater, 190 Rockfish School Lane, Afton
When: September 13-24 Wed-Sat. at 7:30pm; Sun. at 2pm
How much: $10, Children 12 and under $5
Contact: 434-361-1999