Newtown Zoom Performances

The Hamner has been working on a collection of new plays under the umbrella of The Newtown Project with a group of playwrights, musicians, and actors. Below are recordings of live Zoom performances. Kaleidoscope in Black and White: Solo Voices (Content begins at 6 minutes) Kaleidoscope in Black and White: Songs and Sketches (Content begins at 16minutes) Kaleidescope in Black and White: The Cherry Orchard, Act 1

2021 Community Conversation #2

Warm greetings on this dreary February Saturday, a week before our Feb. Community Conversation.Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I offer this poem by Audre Lorde as a tribute to an amazing force in the world of art, education and activism and as an opportunity to think about love. Love maybe Always in the middle  of our bloodiest battles you lay down your arms like flowering mines to conquer me home. Audre Lorde […]

Community Conversation 9/26

I hope some of you will join me to hold space for whatever conversation might emerge.  Certainly there is no shortage of world events…Here a propos of nothing is a William Blake poem that I came across and was struck by the sentiment.Fragments from Auguries of Innocence. To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand […]